UK Jarra Association Partner With FAR Ltd

UK Jarra Association, a registered charitable organization in UK and The Gambia is partnering with FAR Limited – an Australian Oil Exploration Company to renovate, expand and equip the labour ward of Soma Regional Hospital in Lower River Region (LRR) of The Gambia.

The new six bedded expansion which will combine technology, space, hygiene and a calming environment for delivery will be the jewel in the crown of LRR. This modernization and expansion project that will transform maternity care at the Soma Regional Hospital – which is the main referral hospital for the whole of LRR, will cost nearly 2 Million Dalasis. Whereas FAR Ltd shall be responsible for funding the expansion and renovation work, UK will provide all the necessary medical equipment and supplies needed.

Staff, mothers to be and new born babies will all benefit from the latest state-of-the-art maternity facility which will take six months to complete. An estimated 1,450 babies are delivered at the unit each year i.e. over 100 babies every month.

This is an important UKJA initiative which falls under its Health for Jarra project. FAR Ltd’s involvement and contribution will undoubtedly contribute towards the strategic national health development goals by providing quality health care delivery service for the women of Jarra. The new facility will have a nurse station, 2 toilets with showers, a changing room for the nurses and six delivery beds with privacy cubicles and hand wash basin/sink. The project will also provide the following state of the art essential equipment to the new ward: 6 Delivery Beds, 2 Radiant Baby Warmers, 2 Oxygen Concentrators, 2 Electronic Suction Machines, 1 Cardio Toco Graphic machine, 1 Scanning Machine with accessories, 1 Drug Storage Refrigerator, surgical instruments, anesthetic machines, operation lamp, blood pressure machines, baby weighing scales and a stretcher amongst many other items.

UKJA would like to thank FAR Ltd who has a strong track record of sponsoring and implementing local initiatives where they operate and for putting women’s health at the heart of its corporate social responsibility.

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