About Us


UK Jarra Association is a registered charity in England and Wales (Registration no. 1173058) established in August 2015. We support education in the Gambia particularly in the Jarra region by building science and ICT labs, providing learning resources and scholarships to outstanding students with a view to promote the uptake of STEM related subjects, and improve the use of ICT for pedagogical purposes. We have so far built two science and computer labs, and delivered 170 computer units and 23 laptops. And 7 students are currently receiving UKJA scholarships.

We also provide support to the health sector in The Gambia by providing essential medical equipment and supplies to health facilities in Jarra, and also infrastructural development by expanding and renovating the maternity ward of the regional hospital.

We have also extended support to needy individuals in the UK, Gambia and other parts of the world. This help entails cash donations to families, community groups and individuals.

Support Education & Young People

We believe every child has the right to Education. Therefore, we want to make sure provide necessary support for schools to enable them to deliver quality teaching and continuous assessment for students.

Supporting young people is one our key area of focus. We have a set target to achieve through our youth development program. We believe in youth empowerment to their future. When we engaged communities we support, we produce results. UK Jarra Association also became the winner of the best charity in 2016 based on our achievements.

We Support Welfare

We provide support mechanism for communities. This helps develop communities and promote youth development within. The UKJA is also committed to help communities by providing health facilities and other materials.

We are very clear from the onset that, for you to convince any donor, you need to demonstrate your Association’s contribution to towards that project.  That’s why, we organised fundraising events both in the United Kingdom and The Gambia to raise funds for the association that will give us the initial capital to kick start any project.

Our Initial Projects in Jarra

"UKJA paves the way for us to seek achievement for ourselves and at the same time work for the progress and prosperity of our communities. It enables us to broaden our ambitions to include the aspirations and needs of others."
Tombong Fofana
Head of PR & Media

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What Happens Behind The Scenes

The UK Jarra association is a community based, non-profit, apolitical association formed by conscientious and progressive Gambians living in the UK. Its main object is help support community development projects both in the UK and Gambia. The Association is involved in charity work in the areas of health, education, culture and community and welfare.

UK Jarra Association’s Educate Jarra Projectis premised on creating possibilities for the children of Jarra to excel in STEM related subjects, giving them the opportunity to achieve their potential and be able to invent and discover and, to grow into men and women capable of doing new things and breaking barriers. We recognised that, an investment in education pays the best interest. It is the premise of progress in every family and every society. Hence, we are appealing for donations from members of the public and organisation to help us complete our science and IT lab project at Bureng Upper and Senior Secondary. 

What is this project about?

This is a multipurpose Science and IT lab being built at Bureng Upper and Senior Secondary School. It will benefit over 2000 students in Bureng, Wellingara, Darsilameh, Pakaliba and other satellite villages in Jarra East.

Amount Needed:

We currently need £10,000.00 (ten thousand pounds) to complete the project. This money will be used to provide the following: Solar Panels (£4,250.00), Science Lab worktops (£2,500.00), Internet facility, installation and networking (£1,500.00), science equipment and glassware (£1,000.00), and training (£750.00).

Funds Already Secured:

The Association has already provided the following: £20,000.00 for the construction of the building, which is nearly completed, 35 computers, 20 laptops, and furniture (20 computer tables and chairs for the IT lab).


Jarra is in one of the poorest regions in The Gambia. At present only 2 schools out of the 13 Upper and Senior secondary schools have science and computer labs so this project is to make ICT available to these students, make IT an integral part of the school curriculum, bridge the digital divide and ensure that all can benefit from the digital age. 

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We strongly believed that, for us to implement any of our charitable objectives, we need to be financially able and the best way to kick start any meaningful campaign, UKJA must take the lead. As a Charity Organisation, United Kingdom Jarra Association (UKJA) is nor different to any other Charity. We need to raise funds for us to be able to fund our charitable objectives.