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Donations towards this component goes towards to the Science and Technology program under educate jarra.


This sector deals with poverty and disaster relief program. This section also supports homeless project.

Community Health

Funds within this sector supports community intervention programs supporting hospitals and community projects


This is a focal program and it only focuses on scholarship disbursements to relevant candidates.

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UK Jarra Association’s Educate Jarra Project is premised on creating possibilities for the children of Jarra to excel in STEM related subjects, giving them the opportunity to achieve their potential and be able to invent and discover,  and to grow into men capable of doing new things and breaking barriers. We recognised that, an investment in education pays the best interest. It is the premise of progress in every family and every society. Hence we are appealing for donations from members of the public, especially Jarrankas,  and organisation to help us advance the objectives of the Educate Jarra project.

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Jawara Saidykhan


Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. He has represented over 100 New York firms in various litigations, an has only lost once, throughout his entire career. It wasn’t his fault, the guy was clearly guilty.


Donate Community Health Project


The UKJA Welfare programme directly target support to members and their families in various times of need, especially during bereavement and distress and disaster and emergency. Members can receive direct support through referral or by direct application.  The Welfare team composed of 5-person committee (mainly elders) led by an elected Officer are responsible for decision-making on all requests. Their decision is put forward to finance, who in turn scrutinise such request(s) to ensure compliance with existing UKJA policy. Further, they also ensure that any Jarra native who passed away abroad is repatriated and laid to rest in their ancestral home.

Donate Welfare Project

Material Donation

Hospital Items

You can also donate hospital items from furniture to equipements. If you wish to donate any item to us, simply fill out a form and one of our representatives will be in touch.

Educational Materials

We accept material donation ranging from books, furniture, computers, stationery etc. Collection can be arranged once you fill out the form by clicking below.

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